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"As a Family, we have always loved and owned dogs including a Pomeranian, German Shepherd, Doberman and latterly, a Bearded Collie.
All have had some kind of health issue at some stage of their lives."


Lardoolins' founder, Jim Landers, worked in Healthcare manufacturing for 18 years, launching new healthcare products internationally. These products targeted  symptoms such as pain relief, cough & cold, chest congestion and sore throat etc. He is therefore familiar with product manufacturing and the product development process as well as active ingredients used in these types of products. Along with a lot of people in the UK and in the world, in April 2020, Jim was made redundant due to the pandemic.


The brand was created in 2020 during the initial Covid lockdown period in Ireland whilst writing a children’s fairy tale book which he was inspired for some reason, to write. The central character of the fairy tale story was based on a distant relative known to have been the town undertaker during the famine years who had a faithful dog as his friend and companion. He was referred to locally as Lardoolin and he used a yellow cart to move famine victims for mass burial, presumably with the use of a horse or donkey.

In the story he is a boy and his mother has a special affection for dogs and makes special herbal dog treats that all the local dogs love. Not only that but they have health benefits and are ‘magical’.


At the same time as writing this story down, Jim was also researching Dog treats & Health products to invest in as a new business venture which seemed to be a natural migration from ‘human’ to ‘pet’ healthcare products. As the branding for the book was beginning to form straight away, he saw a connection between the story and the health treats, and strongly felt the 2 products should be related in some way.

That’s how the Dog health treats ‘Lardoolin’ brand concept came about.


Jim decided to focus on some common health issues that frequently occur in dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.And that is how he developed the Lardoolins ‘healthy’ dog treats or supplements range, targeting 4 areas of dog health.

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